Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

CHAP,t.. EpifEleto the Theffalonianr.. V aa.g.ia. offence, without perfwaGon of Gods loue to him in Chriae force ofd Elam hit tearer may drop from his eyes, that apprehends God onely as a terrible Iudge. Ingenu- ous furrow_ & hearts griefe is peculiar to th em,on whom God bath bellowed his Spirit eofingenteitie, and Adopti- on, to feale them to the Day of Redemption: Secondly, And fee,whether all the r frnitsof'Repentance reckoned vp by the Apoflle, prefuppofe not Faith, and perfwaGon of Gods loue... Thirdly, Why am I long to wafh an /Ethiopian ?. whether is our vnion with CHRIST, or our R c_ nouation WI in Nature ? Haue wee his Spirit ro renew vs, before we are made members of his body? or is This vnion wrought. without Faith?For flaame,gull not Gods people with thofe Crudities of your addle brame; teach them the ppraûiccof Faith and Repentance; bulk not their.headswith there Niceties, that breeds endleffe qua- ¡how, rather then edifying inthefaith. My conclufion I reliune; Conuerfion íe an infeparaibll attendant and freiit of fauing Faith. Conuei (ion veder. (land the turning ofrhe whole man from all (inne to all RighteouliietIe. The whole man, Pauldillingui-flìcrh in- to there three members; the'''. Spirit, Soule and .Body; in all and euery of there is this Change wroug:ht;to fpeake w`s ZN it brings man from hatred of G o D, to loue of God, from contempt of God, ro feare of God, from ig- norance of God, to knowledge of him,. So, from loue: of finne,to hatred of finne, from hatred of RigJ teouf- net.3ë, to loue=of Righteournei; ; from delighting in- (line, to grieuing.for (inne: from praûice ofiniduitie, to praflice of Pietie, &c. Not onely from finne to Rig!), teoufnelfe; but from counterfeit righteoufhet e to vnfai- tied Righreoufnefle.There is malurnopus, and ma/urn ope- ra; Etaill works, and ì eniiin good wor fs, The Concert puts away nor only his euill workes,but the twill that is in his rearkes ;the groire faultinetIè that,, before Conuerfion, ch ue 77 d xeb.rz,, r7. ePfad.5t.t2. s`aCor,7, 3 gr h r The{ 5=3. i 1 fai. I.I