Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

Is k Dan. 4.27. lo 1Hoea3,5. m Mat.6.16. n z Cor.s. 14. z oI ra1,1.14.1 f. 3 p P1413.7,8,10 C x n P. i.An Expofition vpon the firft V a>s.9 .10. claue to his heft worker. Thus conceiue, it brings a man from meere (innes, to contrary k vertuouu praftice : from an euill manner of doing good duties, to a forme more holy. Suppofe, Firft,fromSeruilitie, to ingenuitie; Se- condly, from Formalitie, to Sinceritiei Thirdly, from Ciuilitie, to true inward Sanetirie. Fii ft, In meere Naturalifis, is obferued a feruile kinde ofabftaining from euill,only for feare of wrath, a mer- cenary kind of performing good duties; only for hope of reward. The fame men conuerted, are fwayed by loue of God to depart from euill; fearing to finne not onely for wrath, but inrefpe51I ofGods lookup . Inclined to well doing, not onely for reward, but for Confcience of dutie, glory nt of the Commander, and n thank¿efulne fe to hit mercy. Secondly, In flefhly Hypocrites, is eafily obferued a forme ofgodlines;none more formally freer EtinPraroers and Sacrifices ;nor feemingly ftrifter obferuers of o New - totoones and Sabbaths. Conuerf on fo alters thefe Formal - lifls,that they now more Rudy ro bee, then to feeme re- ligious. Thirdly, Politicall righteoufnefi'e was in fume Hea- thens; is in Tome Chriftians vnrenewed; wrought part- ly by naturali Confcience, partly by ciuill Educatiorai Sobrietie and Inflict they are obferuers of in a fort, for prayfe of men; that fcoffe at Picric, and !belie of true Puritie in G o n s Children. The heart onceturned to God, feelingly accounts Ciuilitie dung P and droffe; and longs after experience of the vertue of C'hrifts death, to mortiñe thelimes were formally reftrayned onely;_ the power ofhie Refurreilion, to quicken their hearts to new - nefie of life. W becher this Corauerfion prefuppofeth not Faith, e tiam inimici frnt Indices. Our wifcdome it (hail bee, by this fruit of faith to try the Truth of ir, and in this tryall, let eye bee had efpeci ally s