Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H A Q. r. Epile to the Theffälonians. V a a.9. i o. ally to thefe tvvo things : Fiat, to the Capteine or `Dar - ling CI fine; newer thinke thy felfe a Conuert indeed, till the corruption that moli forayed in thee before calling, grow fpeciallylothfome& deteflable vnto thee. Second. ly,nextto thy grounds of departing from euill, thy manner ofperfortning holy duties; By that laid in the explanation, thou mayfldire& thy felfe; whether thy fore ofGod be feruile, or ingenuous; thy fei nice merce- nary, or fbn-like; thy Pietie formal!, or fincere, &c. And of their aa in generali thus farce; they turned: the Text further intimates. Fir(l, the termes of their tur- ning; from what,ro what they turned :from Idols to God. Secondly, the end or confequent of their turning ; ro ferrteGod; where is fubioyned a defcription of Gon, by two attributes, in oppofition to Idols; the lining and true God. Of the 6rfi, Ir is required what an Idol! is, Anfw. The moil generalland compendious defcripti on of an Idoli ftrilUy taken, is this. An Idoli is a falle °god: The t/.Antithefis in the Text applaud es the defcrip- don; God to whom they turned is the true God. Idols from which they turned, are thereby intimated to bee fal(egods. So Paul elfewhere in field of Idols puts their 1?eriphrafs; they are fuch as ly q Nature are not Gods. Idols are of two forts: Firtl,,Creatures whether ima- ginary or reall inuefled in Gods properties, aaions, or worfhip. Secondly, -th e trueGod falfly eonceiued. Of the &I4, Thus vnderfl:and, whatfoeuer it is betides- the true God, whereto men afcribe Diuine properties, a- aions,or worflhip,thar is to them an Idoli, or falle god,k there be that to Chril s humane Nature attribute power to be euery where prefent; to fill Heauen and Earth :. his humane Nature is, by this meanes, made an Idolli be- caufe, being a Creature, it is clad with that Diuine Pro - pertie, Immenfitie. Scotus to Angels giues' this power; without outward euidence or know the fecrers .. 79 ÿ GI 601.4.g: