Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

4csYïyásr,itkw So r Mattb.6. g, i t Co1,3..5, utTim.6.r7. TS. Y1,043.E. luguft. in loan; gns(l, ag. C1i A P.I . llrt Expofition vpon the frrft V s fecrets of mens hearts.Angels are by this meanes Made I- dols, becaufe, being but creatures, they haue of igned them a Divine' properties to fee in r fecret, to difcerne f thoughts, and to try the reynes. Like thinke, when Diuine worlhip inward or out- ward, is giüen to any thing bcGdes Iebouah. What euer that is, it is made an Idol!. Images adored with Diuine Wor(hip; Saints inuocated, by this meanes are made I- dols: becaufè GodsWorthip is giuen them. And there yeemay call Idols in Religion. In refpcft of other Diuine Honourgiucai to Creatures, there are Idols fecular, as, Wealth trufted vnro, having fepemacie of our loue and copfîdence,by this means be- comes an I doll; which made Paul fay,Couetoufnefe is' I- dolatry. No man was euer feene praying to his Pence: yet haue wee feene many putting n'confrdence in their wealth more then in God. The rich ihausgoods are a hie flreng Citie, therefore his Idoli. Of the fecond; The true God falfly conceiucd or wor- n- lipped, by that meanes becomes .an Idoll. Augufline enquiring the fenfe of Iofuah his charge to the people, Put awaythe flrangegods that are amongsi yau,thus difcour- feth. Can we think they had at this time among!} them, ftmulachra Gentinm ?In no cafe, for they arc Paid to haue Y cleaned vnto God. And if they had amongft them fuch grofTe Idols, after fò many threatuings of the Law, fo many Iudge. ments executed vpon their fathers; is it likely the Lord would fo haue prolpered them in their Wanes againft Canaanites ? when hee fo forrboke them for one. A- CH AN s.theft in the accurfed thing ? what then is his mea- ning ? PrephetafanElna, f àith A vs T z N E, in cordi6us ea- rum cernebat cogitationesde Dee aliena á Deo, a ipfas ad- mone.bat anferri.. i[quis enim talem cogitat `Denn., gualis non efl Deus, alienumDeism vtique: c falfum in cogitation portal- : Strange conceits of God, too too abhorrent from