Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H A r. t. EPiflle to the The,(falotnians. V a R. g. from the nature of God, they caried in their minds;ehefe were the firange gods, the Prophet commands ro be put away. For whofoeuer conceits God otherwife then he is, carry es in his thought an Noll, a flange and fake god, Thus lay wee truely, the Heathens woribipping an abfo- lute God out ofthe Trinitie, worfhip not God, but an I- doll of their owne braine. We haue feene what Idols are: The commendation of this people is, that they turned fromrhern,and therby e. uidenced the truth of their Faith. Or dune is from their commended praElice, as John prefcribes it, toz ktepe ow-lilacs from Idols, a point confetfed : yet thinke nor, it is for nothing,the charge is fó often renued,and enforced on Gods people. No doubt the Lord taw our propene - on is ftrong to Idolatrie, that hee fo ftrif}ly and often vrgeth the charge. They mull overthrow their e,Qltarr, 6urne their Groves, hew down: their Images, abolifh their very names out of their places. b Make no league of ami- tie with Idolaters, nor referue the ix/frame/as or £ or- naments of Idols, but oaf? them away with extrcameft de- teflation. Their llile in Scripture is abomination, flercorei Dij; a terme fo bale and flinking,to teach vs fo to loche them, as chofe excrements that call out moll lothforne and noy. Tome flench into our notlrils, Hence alfo bath Goias Spirit fo carefully recorded Hiflories of Gods vengeance vpon Idolaters, that wee might tremble ato falldylike difodedience, left wee incurre like heauie wrath and vengeance ofGod. What remaines forvs, but to bee exhorted, more and more to the from Idols and all communion with them ? Ifthouhaueleft their worlhip, thinke it not fwficient; abandon their names, their infiruments, their orna. tnents, thinke thy faith and loue towards God encrea- feth, as thy hatred of Idols, his rivals, increafeth in thee. G What S1 z t a Deut,rl,2,3. bneut,.a,3. ctfai.3o. sa,6,7.