Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

.áe. Yfd._.: :PUSsi'..'..Yi,YN `A'.èT;.'.._ .16,-,Off ßZ C H P. I.. AnExpof tion vpon the firfr? V ER,9, c z eo r 16. What e communion path li eht with dark,ene ff e, Chrii with Belial, theTample of God with Idols ? What need, may tome fay, this exhortation ? wee haue long (luce renounced Idols, and ioyned our tellies to the true God, Y &taws. But, to fay little of our people, which asthc Iewes in I E R E M I E, meaftere Religion by fler.q.4.iy,18, their fbe),, znd becaufe in times ofldolaty, things as they thinke for tins life, went better with them, hang Rome-wa ditiilin'tiaeiraffeCtions; who fees not how fauourably men beginne to thinke of the Church Of Ron-e? Images with dottrine may well enough bee re- tayned, that is, ambling b', ekes laid before the eyes ache blinde, fo wee cry, Take heed, And Politicians many are of opinion, there may be a reconcilement of the two Religions : fo may there, I dare 1áy, of light and d:arkenelfe, of Chrifl and Belial, of God and the. Deuill, as well as of Chrift, and Antichrifl, Chriflian Religion, with 'A ntichriflian fuperflition, But let vs remember what wee heard in the explana- tion: there are fecular Idols, as well as Idols in vie of Religion; as much to bee fled from, as Heathenifh or Popiíh Images. gPbilip.3. )9. There are Lorne, faith Paul, that make their g telly their god. What are Drunkards, but grolle Idolaters? I'm-AcingtheirPatrimonies, their Health, their Soule to Baccheu ? There bee that feruecammo,, make wealth their god, offering bodies and Conies to the Deuill to gee wean }r; Religion, Faith, Obedience, all muff be for- ted fo, as may fuite with our intentions for riches : God (hall be forfaken, Body wafted, Confcience wounded, Soule damned; and all to get creature. Beloued , thus thinke : Hee is as much an Idolater that preferres his wealth,beforeobedience; his pleafures,before Gods fer- h14.44.17. uice; as bee that Vas dowse toafiocke , and faith, Deliuer rote, for thou art my god. Followes