Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

CHAP I. Epi(le to the Theff4loniatsr. V s x.9. Followes the termima ad rem, to God. It is not enough to forfitke Idols and their toorf3uip, except we cleaue FO the true God, and ze.rlou fly addiêt our fettles to his feruin Therefore laid Iofuah, Put away your orange gods. i and feeke the Lord;feare the Lord, and ferns him in israceri: ie and truth. As in other particular, of Repentance, it fuf- ficeth not to flie from eui 1, except k We cleaue to the good: fo thinke in this. Among(tthe Heathen were fomethat lceffed at I- dols,b7ut were flarke Athei(ts: as that Dionrfius dealt with Efcelapius golden beard, plucking it off with this fcomme, No realòn the tonne thould be bearded,and the Father beardletfe; and (tripping effpollo of' his golden coate, hee clothes him in wool!: It was lighter for Sum- mer, warmer for the cold ofWinter : what odder I won - der, betwixt this Atheittne, and that Idolatrie? A like fume is notorious in many of our people, profe{ fing they are no Papitls, being farre worfe, fiat Atheifls in life, practifing no Religion at a11. Great men they thinke chetnfelues, that they inueigh again(t Poperie, though meane while they line in grotTe ignorance of God, and contempt of his pure worfhip. How much better were it to continue Papifs, then to lolè all tenle ola Deitie? to line without al dread of God, and feare of his holy Name ? Though it bee true, there is no hope of the faluation of an obllinare Idola- ter: yet this , I rhinke, as true, that as Chrifls fpeakes of Sodome and Gon,.arhe, th e itfrate in irsdgement is more tolerable then the flare of vnthankfull Cities; fo the damnation of Idolaters is much more catiie, then that of Atheitls. Thou that abhorrefl Idols, i coglrmittefl thou fa- criledge? Thou that fcafffl at Pope;ie, Iallet{ thou into Athriirne? To fay in a word, In turning from Idols, two extre- mities are obferued. Firfl, flying Molls, andfalling to fraperflitiori: that furious G z Ichu 3 I item. z, a?, Ms,