Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

t: .G C i r! ái:« ? o q. C x AP.1. An Expefttou lipOS the ftrfä VFR.9.! Í rBbl(i»Qito. r8.ap. } Ob+fer. A Matt.6,z4. oief.14. 76. 19. Axupin qali farro: ^ p 3 Io. s4. s . sit Cer.aow; Iehu, deflroyes Baals Altar and Priefis, yet m departs not from the clea»tier Idolatrie of I a nos o A m. Our people haue left Image - worship, yet retain their fathers Tra- ditions. The fecond is, turning from Idolatrie, but degenera. ting to metre 4theifmse, ifnot in opinion, yet lure in pra- ctice. How many know we (coffers at Poperie ? as great deriders of pure Religion ? laughing at Traditions, yet ignorant of Gods rule of worlhip ? My Brethren, what auailes it to kaue Idols, if you cleaue not to the true God ?to abhorre orange gods, and to worfhip none ? ro detefc fuperflition, and to praEtife proiannctre? I dare fay, there is more hope of faluation for the grotfeft ILolater,thenfor the Athefff,though fuch but in life; the one had- dime confcience to be wrought vpon,fòme fenfe of a Deitie to affright;the other is with - out Godix this world, therefore without hope of a better flare in the life to comes The end and itfue of their conuerfon, To ferste the li- sting and true god, Bake then godcannotbelensed, till I- dols be forfaken : Tee cannot ferne cod and vilavrcrxon. When the people profetied io lofhseab their purpofete ferne Ged, I o s a v A u T ep'yes: 0 They could not (erne him. W hat is his meaning? faith eArugulline:nor with that per - feEEircn, that befeemedGods Mateflie: or, fecondly, not without Gods grace a. i/ling,and enabling them, as if his purpofe were to checke their prefumption. Better thus,. as later Interpreters expound; fuppofing they retayntd their Idols, they could not acceptably ferne God : there- fore prefently fubioynes I o s n V A H: If yee will in- deed ferue the Led, r put away the firange gods, that are a- mongyou, and incline your hearts to the Lord God of Ifrael. Tolike purpofe laid the ApotUe: q Yee cannot drinke the cup of the Lord, and the cup of Deuils; nor bee partakers of the Table of she Lord, andof the table ofD euils. Intimating as great Antithefis,betwixt God and n ldoll,as betwixt God