Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C K AM. i s piffle to the Thefalonisns. V ER. 9. God and the Deuill; betwixt honouring of an Idoll, and of God; as betwixt wor(hipping God, and wor(hipping the Deuill. Two forts of people are here reproued: Fir,}, they TJfe, whole hearts are diuided betwixt God and Idols, as If- raelires vnder E Z i A s, r betwixt God and Baal: as the r t t(,ivg.r 8.zr. Samaritan Colonies,who would t fearethe Lord,and with- f s King.r7 33. all fern their ownegodr; as Lewes in Zephanies time, were wont to fweare by Iehouah, r and by Me/coon : as they a- t zeph.a. 5. mongfi vs, that fowre our pure Religion, with the Lea - uen ofPopifh luperftition. The fccond are they, that halle'(hare themtélues be- twixt God and Idols; their Confcience they referue to God, their knee they bend to Baal: an u Idol they know ír u t cos.8.4. nothing; yet to this nothing, they profirare their bodies; Gracing idolatrous Maties with their prefence, and hol- ding all femblances of outward reuerence'with the moli deuour Matte-mongers : As our curious, or couctous Trauellers. Let them reade Pauls cenfure of f ich pra- Etice, i Cor. r and tremble to continue it. There remaines in this claufe, the defcription of tha t God, who alone is to be ferued, in oppofition to Idols. The Antitbefrs is remarkable, (hewing the widediferences betwixt our God and Idols. Fir&L:, Idols are liueletre,x they bane ejes andfee not,eares Obfer. and htare not, feet and walke not, hands and handle not : as x P[41.Y r s. q, Ieajh IcofFes at Baal, to calme the tumult and turbulencie 6, 7. of his zealous worfhippers; If he ea god, Y let him plead y iudg.6.3L for bimfelfe: they are not able to auenge their contempt vpon thole that wrong them.As for our =God he isin hea- z píg1,33, 3, saen,hir eyes fee,his eye -lids trie the children efmrn: he bath life inhimfelfe;giues life to the creatures;auengeth him - felfe on them that prouoke hirn;farsesfilch ae truf in him. Secondly, free is the true God. Truth vnderf}and,not that he ( hewes in his A t3-ertions or Promifes, but truth of his Nature:hee is very God, that hath in him truth and G 3 fub- ss o r.