Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

86 ai cor .8.4. blof12.24.I s. c lam.4.: 2. I C H A p. t . An Expefation vpon the fir /I VER. I o. fubflance of Deitie. Whereas Idols are a nothinginthe world, nothing ofthat Idolaters conceit they are,hauing nothing of the diuine Nature, which their worshippers af:'rib, vnto them: feet Reg.19.18. Me thinks then we fljould not choofe but ioyne with IoJhuah in his choice betwixt God and Idols; If others 221!! needs ferne wood and flone, the worke of mens hands, yet hype and our hoofs wi7ferrae the Lord, the lining and true God, that is cable to fane and to deflroy. The fccond fruit and euidence of their faith followes. It is,theirpatient waiting for the comming of Chrit }, ERS. IO. And to wayt fer his Sonne from Hearten. ceYtltiarHV. 4.1Pet302.. e ?fat: 37.7., fiid.'sa4. í i`:++í`+- Ammar-i0. Hat ail of th eirs kt vs firfl take notice of,, and then tee the defcriprion ofthe mat- ter of it : Firfl, by his Relation : fecond - ' ly,$ diunil: thirdly, Eft: IL The word in Fauls fenf e, as I conceiue ir, implyes three things,euery of them a flrong euidence of faith in this people. Firft:hopefulexpettation,and,as Pe- ter calls it, looking a for the blered appearing of Chrifl to Judgment. Secondly ,Contentment with the delay,in Da- uid, phrafe, e tarying the Lords tei/raro, Thirdly, patient continuance in thefcruice ofGod,,and enduring all afflic- tions wayting thereon, notwichflanding the eward be long delayed. How forcibly from euery of There is inferred the pre - fence of Faith? of the firtl s hopefasllexpettation ofChrifls. consmingtoiradgernent. Can it be where is not perf.ßvafion of reconciliation with God?who is there, bur, as Pcelisc, f trembles at the very mention of lodgement to come, fo long as he hark confcience of tins, and wants alfurance dale pardon of them ? O death, ®° Iudgement, how bitter.