Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H A P. t. Bpiftle to the Theffalonians, V ER, 10, 8 7 bitter is the remembrance ofthee to a man lining in his Genes ?how det: es he to haue all mention and thought of it buried ? how is bee aftonifhed in the ferions appre- hen (ion ofit ?what manuell? while he apprehends Chrift onely as a feuere I u dge,, g comming to render vengeance to g z 7 y,41.8. them that k eow not God, and difebey the Gale. I neuer wonder at our fait bielle people, diftatlling in our Mini- ftery nothing fo much,as the do&rive and rerrour of the lall ludgernent;poorefaithlcîfe impenitents,they know not their peace with God ; . nor while they praCtife, can they beleeue pardon ofGnne.That once obtained, how welcome thould not the mention only, but the day be ? theh day of Redemption, and fall deliverance from (inne h Luk, zt. 28. and mifery. Well therefore may we make this hopeful' expeftation of Chriils comming to ludgemenr,a worke and fruit of Faith. See we the fecond branch : rvayting the Lords leifitre, and that with hearty contentment.T his i s apparent ly a fruit of Faith;whether we confider,Firf},thegenerall defcrip- tion ofit as it is in ofSaints Secondly, or the great opprfites of contentment, which onely Faith ma- ilers. He that 6eleeues, ' mak¿es not hafte,that is,is conren i zjai. z8. z6. ted to wait the Lords leifure for deliverance; proporrio- nally,for all bleflings that he hash promifed; but weigh efpecially the many impediments ofcontentment, wee (hall confetTe it is a workeof extraordinary faith , com- paring the miferies Gods Children here feele, with the frcedome Chrifts comming brings with it. hara vexation is it to Gods Children to dwell in the world,as k Lot in Sodome ? where what they fee and heure,is wel k z Pet. 2.8. nigh nothing but vanitie,and vexation of Spirit. Woe I is I Pfad, 1zo.5,5. me, Paid ¶acid, that 1 am conflraynedto dwell with Me- fhech; and my Soule bath too Leng dwelt with him that ha- tethpeace: When withal! a man confiders what accom- panies Chriftsfecond comming ; feparationna ofGoates niv`, from the fizeepe, gathering all that n offends out of iris King- n Mat. t ;. 4, . G 4 dome, i;. )' r`