Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

SS CHAP .1. Au Expo Rion vpan the firfl VER,lo. o 13. p& 21.4. q Rom.7. z4. rPlala7,13A ddme,mufa it not be acknowledged great faith that works contentment? Secondly,Rdde vnro this, confideration °Ferber affliftions, the portion of Gods children in this life, though, when we compare them with the glory that ß,ailherenealed,we cannot but íy with AVGVSTrNE;. Hic vre, hie feca,vt in aternum parcae; yet when we medi- tate the pro mif e of e reJfing from our labours, and p hawing all mares wiped from our eyes, doe we not fometime with in our weaknefpe, that Will of G o n, for protraûtirg our troubles, altered? and what but Faith can calme our dif- contentment? Thirdly, but that miferic of tniferies, the remaines of fnne, the rebellion of nature againff grace, whom Both it not in a holy manner difcontent ? who blames Paul if hee q cric outfor deiiuerance, or any for hafening of our full deliuerance ? who had not rather, if the Will of G o n were fo, prefently exchange ne ceffitie of finning for necefiitie of obeying; infirmi- tie for power, imperfection for perfel}ion of righte- oufnelTíe? yet Faith teacheth to reh contented with this Will of God, and what but Faith can doe it ?- and this pertwalon that mien this delay wenkes fotne way to our. good.. Thirdly, theláft thing in this wayring, is, Conti- nuance in Godsferuice notwithfianding afflictions be our portion; and the promifed recornpence fo long delay- ed. I Amid haste fainted in my affliaion, but that r I verily beleeued to fee the goodne f fe of the Lord in the Land of the listing. And looke to the prefent condition of G o ns Saints,, it (hall bee found oft fuch, that they mull be- leeue one rnntraiy in another; that there is a reward fortherig-hreous, when they feele nought elle but mi fery:thatGodforfakes not, when bee forfakes. What can make vs in that Bate hold our our holy courfes ? but Faith and perfwafìon of G o n s Truth, and loue,and power to doe- exceeding abundantly above all that wee can rile