Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The Epijlle Dedicatory. ·world, the Greateft Fttmilies in thofe States, and the Greateft rerfons in tllofe F3milies tohave fuffered themofifatall andTragical! ibipwracks. The.windes andSeawere never more high and rough, nor the fhip ~oreTof– fed; the earth never tnore rent with Earthquakes, nor the world lefie fetled. What is to be done '? There is a Fort ',that fiandeth finne when ihe earth is Re– moved. -Tht're is ~n Ar~ that {wims a– ~oft when_ the whole world is·drowned, and the highcft mountaines thro~n into the midft of rhe Sea : This Fort is Faith; This Ar/ze is Co_nfcience. ' Thefe are the goods to be gotten and ma~e fiore or in thefe dayes : Thefe tnake one truly rich,and f3fe and happy. All other goods wh~tfoever without a man be they Inheritances of houfes, lands and honours are but bareMovea– bles, uncertaine and unconfiderable M!Jveables, one may have them, but he cannot fayhow long he fuall hold them.' .Thefe whofo hath fuall hold. Other goods are put into the \vorlds Inventory - ( thefe never) which therefore faith(hut fulfly) fuch a one dyed rich, for hedyed worth fo many thoufancls, valuingth~ man -