Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

7'he Epijlle Dedicatory• . · ~anby h1~ efiate. They are mifta~en. They 1night fay fo much ·he IMd, or at mofi he lzvedworth fo t:nuch, but when ·he di~d he might die worfe then no– thing, what is the fia'te to the foule ! One living Dog is better tbenma»J de.rd Lioni. tBut Faith and good Confcience are t'he onelygoods to be put in the cbrifti– •nJ Inventory:,'the man that had themwe may fity he died rich, dyed rich though . ·· - h~ived poor, and which is befi ofall, , hi~riches he carryedwith hirn.. He Ha ved and dyed ~ Js ,:hor?T~~s1·~;v ricb tow:lrdLu. u . 21 • God , for fuch aone d1cs worth as much_ as both chrift is wonh and heaven is worth ; as chrift for Grace, as heaven f?r Glory; as chri{l for Pro~qifo and fecu"l' ·ruy, as heaven for performanceand fa– tisfaC!ion: For gqodConfciencedep..zrts (nqt dye;) pofiefledofthem both. And it is infinitelymore for one to be able to ,.. fay oneofthefe two.iii mine,then to fay a thoufandmines ofgold are mine..He that . hath thele hath all, Rev. 21$ 7· Hefball ·inherit all thing!, for Godwill be bi.r God, I be fball be bi1 jon : And ~s long a~ God · hath any thing to give he fhall not want. · '..-·1 ... 1 • A 3 , A