Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

' 62 .The Clnfcience ofFaith. cap \ ' 5· hope, 1Pe. 1.21.No joy butjoy.ofFaith,Phil. 1 .;s: NoworkJ but work.! of Fatth, 1 Tbe[.1.3• No duties without taith. Theprayer ofFaith, lam. 5·1). Het~rmgof Faith) Gal.3.2. No life but the life·ofFaith; Gal.2,2o. This :is' the falt that fea1ons every facriftee. So look firfr for Faith when thou imaginefr thou haft agood con.fcience. Let us Jraw neer, fi;lith theApofrle, Beb.I0.22. witha true het~rt, in full aJ[urance of Faith, having llur hearts fprinkJ.ed fr~m an ill confcicnce., &c. N9 true heart, no affurance, nay no Faith where no good confcience yet. Nor good confcience to be looked for,where · Faitp is not firft to be found. Among the Heathen Sages and Philofophers' you m~y read good Sentencu, hear good exprefsiom., finde fome goodAl1iom, but no good confci~ encu, becaufe without Chrifi, and without Faith : Among a thoufandCivilized, mm:·all perfons not one goon confdence, becanfe no Faith.For it is the·ApofHes Rule,Tit.I . J5• To the unbeleeving and impure is nothing pure, but even their mind andconfcimce is defiled. None were found amqng the ordinary fons of men' , men of better tempers, fweeter na– tures, lovely and praife-worthy Deport– ments, for Perfonaii and Heroick vertues, for [ulldrf memorable fayings, an'd generous ail:ions, then were Titus, 'Trajan; fladrian; AntoninuJ,Piu!, Antoninus Vena his Brother; ,yeaValerian ~and thatfo muchdetefied]ulian; yet nothing of good confcience in any of them, ~~all jtrangers to the knowledge and 1heory