Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

' I I , 'I'~e Epiflle Dedicatory! · --·-..,--.=--~ I --- . -----:::--~-- A good Confcience then,' if haqand , J<ept,all is i~fe,all depends uponit,Grac~ and Cotnfort here, q1ory&Blifie here~ f!fter : !5ut this iflofi or negle4ed, all ' goes to wrack, a.-nd is but lojje ~nd dt,tng~ ~ind worfe, if·worfemaybe,and the mari ·a lofl: t.nan for ever. Ta/ze this,tll}ze all, as pne faid well, Tol!e C£lum,Tolle -animam; ' fo I may add, toll~ chrifl~m,1;olle Cdflil:m~ rol!e Fidem,Tolle Chrijium;Tu/If Confcz.. cntiam:>T;[/e' Fident: Yea,'IolleCon[tien– tiam; ·rrile 1m1;ti<1 ~1 Take away Hea:pen,_ !aid he, and take'my Soul too; fo fay I, . Take away chrift, take away f!eaven5~ ~ake aw:Jy Eaith, and take a~~yChriji; ~nd take awayCcnj'cience,you takeaway f a#h; yea ~ake a\vayGtJt:tfiien(f,andyou make ihort wQr~~ ~nd tak~ IJ:WaJ aU. · For wh;;J.t \~ere my soul worth ifit werenot for He.Jveu ?wh~twere1-leavenworth if • : •• J t ~t were not forchrift? what wereCIJriJI; worthtomeifit wt:renotfor Faith?and lVhlt were all Faith worth if it 'Yere not for Confcience?Therefore as dyingGa~ diner Clid trudy, 'open th:1t window o,ce, a.ffett J~Jiificafion., .anq denymerit, and . J~rew·el {tll togp ther,~rr~~el Popifu~eli.. ·gton : Sofay I, Afiert Ltbertyand deny ~o~fclence?ope!l th~t windo~pnf:ce,and 1 are we.)