Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

64 The eonfcience ofFaith. ------ - ----- - ---- C:tp. 5· confcience, 1 7'im·3·9· Good confcience is - . the Ring, faith the Gemme and _Jewell, en.;, - · ---- riching and adorning this Ring ; Good confcience is the Cabinet, faith the Pearle lo~kt up in it. Good confcience die Ship, faith the Merchandize; that the Fidd, this the 'Ir~a(ure hid in "it; faith the Apples of Gold, this the Pictures or Tables of Silver, inwhich it is fet ; Faith is the Chrifrians eye, good confcience is the Chrifrians eye:.lid; with the eye-lid men cannot fe_e at all ; no :flght at all in confcience where faith is not r nor can the beft eye fee long without theeye– ] id to cover, and defend, and guard it from duff, and other injuries ; faith, without con... fcience keeping it, will foone decay. Faith is the wife virgins Lamp, good confcience is theOyle that feeds it; or m1ke fai th the Oyle, good confcience is the VeJTeU that containes it ; what can the Lampe do without Oyle, or Oyle without a Vei.fell ? So what's Faith without good confcience, or this without -that? . · , , '. But to conclude this correlation and a.. greemcnt between faith and confcience, or the relation andprehem~nence of faith _to confdence, with that of the Apoftle, 1 c,r.. li.8,9.II,I2. fpeakingoftberelation be .. tween man andwife, · made to be meet h,elper.t G~n. a. I 8. each for Bthir: So is faith to confcience, fo ia ' con[dence to be to faith; it is not good nor fat~ foe either t8 be alnrze. The man is thep,lory .ef God 1 tb~ WJman it ibeglorJ of the nun, faith he