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' 7he .Cohflience tJf Faith. 6; ' -. ht, vet'. j. So fay I, faith fetteth theCrownc Cap. )• ·onCh'rifts liead, is hi1glory ; good confcience ·--~:.; fets thecrowne onfaiths head, is f.zithJ glory.. ' for though therebe two ·great preheminen- ' tes which faith hath above Confcience, ' th-e fame that the man hath above thewom.zn .: I. That theman'£1 ·not·sf the woman' but the woma_n ofthe man,] hoc eft, takenout of man ; fa faith is not out ofconfctence;but confdence eut.offaitb. 2. Neither WM the man created for. thewoma~ but the woman for the.m~n] Nor· was faith created for confciences ufe , but confcience for faiths. Yet he c·o·ncludes,v. 1 r ci Neverthel~§e ne~tb,eriJ · tlie man without the wo– man, nor ibe wotnanwithout the man in tbe Lord] Soneither is faith without good .confcience, no.r caagoodconfcience bewithout faich in. the Lord: For the ,Relation is Reciprocall~ and the dependance and · benefit mutuall~ ver. I 2. For .H thewoman· it of the .man) fo. is . , the m:m alfo by the woman ; but all tbit~[,s odgi~ narily and primarilyof G@t!J So alfvherek is, as goodcon(cience is of faith, fo faith is bygood confcienc~ '; but both of God for mu- · tuall comfort, and deligl~t. ·And fn;mt this couple ~heChurch.ispropagated andincrea~- . fed to this day. Thefe two as Le.~b .and Ra· chd, build up t~ehoufeof !fraet ; faich bea– ring children to.theC~nrchon good con(ci.,.·. ences k.!zeu, and good. confcien'ce h:dnging ~p thofe children, which fai~h h~tpborne at . ~erbreafl:s ; as Ruth brought forth children for the comfort:ofNaomi,andN~omi brought F UF 'J. ' ' I