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66 ' . Of tt pure Confcienct. "~ C2p. 6. Up thofe childrfn for t~e ea(c of Rutk.· Hold . Faith, and y0u are f~re of a good Gon– fdenc:e. . I CHAP. VI. I ofa('jJ11re Confeience. >. The con- THe fecond goodcon(dence is the Purl fcience . of Confoience ] 7hcjineLinne11,clea_nandwhite, purity. Rev. 19. 8. it the righteoufnejfeof Sainti, and theLambnwiftJornament. Thepure., cleane, and undefiledconfcience, is theinhere.n~ and internall righteoufitelfe of the Saints.; and the Ornamentof.theChriftian. Cf this good confcience the Apofrle fpeaketh often to Ti- · motby, 1 Tim. I.:).•-The pHrt beart, and good· confcienc~~~aith ttnfeigned; put together; - al)d 3;:9. flaMing themJftery nf f:zith in a pure cnnfcience, 2Tim. I. 3. F·ferve God from mJ forefather:-.r with apure confci~nct. The former goodneffe of conf~ience l?y meane~ offaith, makes the confcienee good before God , the· ju{fiftedconfcience. This of purity makes it go~d before men, the {anliified and renewed confcicnce; that was by the bloodQ[ C.hrifr; t his is by th~ Spirit andGrac_e of Chri.ft. Of this r wee have fpoken f-omewhat already, chap. 2. therefore fhall need to fay the ldfe here ; Bleffed are thefc: pure irz heart, they p;aP f eeGud,Mat. 5-· 8. And :J John 3· 3· Hf. tbtJt · · bath