Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

of tt pure Confiience. _ 67 I ' bath this hopeof{eeingGod lW be i1, muff purifte Cap. 6• himfelfe tH Godir pure. God is a God of pure_- , eyes, ,znd canmt. Good confdence is of H•b· I ·l3• pure eyes, and mufl not hehold iniquity . · 1 Great are the: comforts, benefits, and privi.. ledges of this pure coiifdenc~ ; and high are . 1 th~ prorttifes made to .i:t. With whom will i God foew himfelfe pure, but to and 1fitb th~ pure 1 And to the (row"rd hewilJ fl;ew himfelft·P[a!.IS .26r t~J fro~ard. To ,them that walk contrary to Lev.26.23; him, hewill wal~ crmtrary to_tbem; Who ir he 24· that fhall aftent) thebill ofthe Lord! Or ~b(}Jhall ._ -fland i11 hi1 ho!J place l He _that hMh the cleane P[a/me 24· hamls, -;,nd the-pure heart, who hathhot lit4: up 3,4,>• · his foule unto vanity-••This is the man who £hall rec:eive the B!effing of t,he Lard, and righte-. oufnejefrom tbe Godofhis falvatiorJ. I'n thepure tl'ater thy face may be feen, _which cannot in muddywater. In a ptll:"e confcienceG-ods face is to be feene, nowhere elfe in earth; and . . by none in heztven, btuby thepure in heart. · - This is dre llfountaine1JftranJjiJ?,uration, where Mar•9.T'~" alone the Kil}gdom of God is feene coming withpower. This is the only H]eP&tmot,where Rev· .1• are theRevelations ann Vifions·of the Sonnt of man : Here is Gods Booke with ·feven Sealu unfealed. This is theSanllun) .SanfJerum (beyond that in Solomons Temple, all ov·er- ~aid with pure Gold) 1n which God cloth dwdl, fit upon a Mercy-Seat, and mak~\ k.nown his minde; giving aufwers whenfo..; '· ever con,Wlted wlth, and enquired after herein, _ , The I ···:'- ··::-– "'~ '···"1 rr· .. '-;i:.""'·t, ';· ' '\.