Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The pure Confcience. Cap. 6. T,he pure confdence is the Heart ajier Godr ... " . _heart, who is all for pureneffe, he lqvetb Righ. teoufneffi, ·and hateth all undeanneife. No · Pfal.H·7· Sacrifice in w~ich was any Blemifo or Spot &4S·7 • was to be offered-; no Sacrifice withLeaven ; Let1.r.3;IO no Priefts .fonne might conle ne~re toOfficiate, . Lev.2 .11. in whom was any ·blemiih; no High Prieft Le'l.;•2 ~ ·I8. pn!fume to: facrifice in _any legall unclean– neife on hinl. But his Handing Rulds, I will Lev:1o:3. be [anfJijied in them that draw neere to ·me. None were to tome in to the Perftan King, but fuch as were firft purified, andhad p:tifed through twelve whole monetbs in a conrfe of– fUrification, Efth.2.I 2. What manner of per– fot~s ought they to be then, that {hall come _. f. brfore God, either to waite on the Minifiery, ~rto partakeof·Ordinances l And what mea– Jure ofPurification fhouldwe come add-reifed withall? Now this Purification is .that of Confcience efpecially, Heb.9. 14- and 10,2 2.~ Je"' 4 ~14 · Therefore wafh thy heart, 0 Jerufalem, that thotl Mat.23.:l. mlryeft be faved; Let not vaim thoughu lodge in ,· thee , Purge the infide o-f the cup, and platterJ . .. . 0 Pharifee, that thy outfide may be cleane alfo. ' But in thefe dayes there is much ofLiber'.J, little ofPurity of Confcicnce. Shall we call them pure with the bag ofdeceitfull weights ? and wi: th t~e wicked Ballances l ar the Prophet Mi1 cah iaith,Micah 6.,.ro, u. Are there yet the \'Treaforel ofwick!_dneffe in the houft of the wick._ed, and the fcant meaJure which is abomi'riable, and tlall thefe be counted pure ? '· · There is a G~neratim indeedpurein their own , . ~ ~er, •