Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The pure Confdence. 79 fJU, ~ho are yet not wajhedfrom their filthi- Cap. 6. · ne{fe: ~here is fuch a G.enerati~:m, ~how /of- _, .: t) are1bezr eyes ! and their eye-hds hfted up, Prov.3o. I 2, I 3•· fpeaking too livelyof fuch,a generation as ours is. Shall we fay fi1ch have any thing of confcience or grace in them, who can live loofely, fpeak fcurrilouily, and fcoffe at purity, holineffe, frriB:neffe, and all piety ? ~rhere ihaV the wicked and ungodly appeare, if onely the pure in heart are blefTed? · ' /' . Takeheed then of all impurity, and dc- ·filement byany allowed fin ne; whatfoevee . wetJkneth Purity, -waflethPeace; Confcience is · the Temple ofGod; whofoever defileth tbiJ I Cor.3. 11 , Temple, defiroyes it_(,GJg~'~ thewo~d is) and . himwill God de(lroy. The crack or flaw in the Bell, not fo much ldfeneth the foundn1fe, as marreth tpefound·of the Bel1. . , How few good Coufciences are there then in thefe impure and licentiot~s dayes to be ' found, when purity and firiCl:neffe is exp10.. ded as a badge of a ·earnall, legalJ, abject, andJow fpit·it? and boldneffe~ loofeneB:e~ frollickneffe, accountedGofp~ll-like wal~ing,.and the onelyproofeof our Redempti– on, and thebefi Plerophory! .But know, the grace of Gotl teacheth us another Lejfon ; It ·Tit· 2 . u; teachetb deny ungodlinejfe, and worldly lufl.r, 1l • and to live'(oberly, right~oujly; and 7.odly in thit prefent world. The righteous God loveth righ-– teoufneffe,Pr~t. I I. 7. Andwith thepure God aheHolyOne of Ijrael, nothing is approved · F ~- 'but