Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

. Q[ a pure Confoience. Cap. 6, ·b~,tt purli:y : This i§ hiS Image, thi~ bis S~"' _ ~- pedc.ription: Nothillg but this h God1, anq · · to be rendered to God. The Kings Coyne bathhi~ Image within, ·as well as his Super.. f~dptlonwitbottt th~ Ring ; ~he ChrHtian p1uft bave his Image within, or i~ is iQ_ vait~e ¥-f 4 l . S· tQ fubfcribe our felveJ, and to be furnamed by the name of Jfrpel. Tbe right faith of t4e Gof}ell is puri.!Jing faith, Acts I5·9· ,Gofpel .hope i~ purifying hape,:,: Joh.3 ·3• Truelov~ pure love; I Pet. 1·~3. Our Religi(}n muft be pn_re, Jam~ J. 2] . fi,eartJ pure' ~am. 4· 8. Mindu pqre_, . zPet.3 .-1· W'!)'espu1e, Pfal. 09· 1. H•nd1 pure, .Pfal. ~4· 4· Prayer pure, Job I 6. 7. In., ~enfe pure, Malac~ 1. I~· lpqeecl all muft b~ pure. · ·. King Solomon hadnq~ a Ve!fell ip. either of ' his houfe~, that at Jerufaltm, or that of tht; Forrefl of Lebanon, but was all of pqre Gol4, he woulci be fqved in no other, 1 Kin. 1 o. 2 1. God will Qave no other Velfell in either o.f pis Holtfei, th~t of J~rufalem, the Chur(:n ' -Triumphant, or this Countrey~houfe (a~ " 1 I may call it) in the Forrefr of Lebanon, t~1e Cl:JurchMilitam, but wh~t is of pure Gold, f:)f beaten, tryed, and refined Gold : Silver was nothing efiee-med in t h -: qayes of Solo~ man : Civility and externall Mo_.rality is to.o mea~1e for God, to.o pafe to enter Hc~ven. ;fhe Kings Coyne, I G'lid before, hath his . Image on it ; it hath firfr his Image on the qp.e fide, ~~d the~ the Kingr Armu, or the . · _ ., [.(~ngdflmel