Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

' ' Of tt pure Confcience·. 7r ¥.-ingdomu Armes on the ot~er. Such is th~ ·cap. 6. right C~riftian, h_e hath th~-s ·Image and 'Et---- . ....... figies of God, Purzty and. R1ghteo~[nejJe ft:amped on theone fide of h1s confctence, and the Kings Armes, or the Kingdomof Heavent Armes on the oth~r, Peace, andJoy in .the HolyGhoJ1. TheKingdome ~f God, faith the .t\poftle, (or if I may fo eaU them, the Effi- .giu aJ1d Arp1es of tlle Kingdom) i1 l1ighte..- 8u{nelfo and leace, Joy i?J tl;e Holy Gbofl) Rom. '' ' 14· l7· . It is obferved tha~ the floore Qf S81omDnJ 1 Ki. 6. 30 • Templewas overlaidwith Gold, both within and without, that is to f.1y , both the Sanlium Sanl1c-rum, and the; Atrium fa(erdottt.m; theCeu,rt of thePrieftl, ·as it iscalled, 2 Chron.4.9· Alth~ugh theGreat ·Court called the AtriumPopuli were not fo : So it is the , minde andwill ofGod) that not onely thofe . holy glorified Saints .that ~r~ Within the · "Vayle of the Sana1mz Sttnl'iorum, and the 'Church 'triumphant; but !ill thofewithin his true ' Church, idifringuifhed . fi·om the world, fhou1dhave the fame purity and ho– lineffe, although not the fame mea(ure. Pu– rity is theflom~eandpavingof~othMilitant andTriumphant Church. .