Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

72 'rhe ftnp~re Confci~nce. ! .. ~ .. . ... ~ ~ --- .. C~AP. ,VII!' "~~ ,,J of t/JeJir.zc~re 9onfcience N . Ext to:pure_cottfciencecomes thefincer~~ beingmuch ali~e, often ta~en promi(~ cuouflyone f9r th~9ther; ~q.t rh~qgh they~· , · .may ~ev~r l;>e divic{ed apd parted, niay thu~ · pediftinguijhed: Pure is oppofed to .what is Purity and fitthy, defiled, uncleane,profaiu, impure ; Sincere intc::grity is oppofed to folfe, deceitjul!, counterfeit, hypo– h~~ they criticail, im;~ginary. Every fincere p1an is re~ fi 1 •• ef. ~lly puq:, and en~eavours fo tobe ,found; but ~very pure-feeming p~rfon is not fincere, nor dpt~l intepd fo to be. Sincerit:y is the gloryof purity, an~of con{cience, ~nd Qf , every pr:ri~m, grace, or altion. It muit be {z12cere faith if any, 1 Tim.J.S· llFlS'•41~ i,uirG.. ?'fill$ faith pnfaignefl. Sitzcere loo/e ifany. 1. tq Chrifi, Eph.6.24• Gra~e to all them that · love the LordJefus injt?lcerjty, €', a.''-3-"'pfltct. ~. If, Rom. IZ·9· Let love be without di.ffimu~ \ !ation , ei )J-zn ar'u"'~xpt1@-. ·Good .HezeJi.iab ~hat~v~r be did, he did inhis integrity, and ~it~ 4/~ ~{.f peart:J apd jo he pro.JPered, ~ Chron. 3!. ~h . Thefincere. is ever a .goodconfciq1ce; no fobner finfere. but prefently good; no lon~ ge.r good_, then can pe called fincere. Since~ rity is the foundnejfo, health, aud right conffi-: ':l:n.6.9• tution ofconfcience. Sincerity here is all o~r · j,b•· ,; fer[<Cl~orto ; Noap, Job, and others 'IJ\'C<< ~~:~