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The·JincereConjcicnce. 73 . perfili in..tpeir g~ner~tio~s.' o?ely becau~e up- Cap. ij. right and fine ere : ,Smcenty. IS Earths htghefl: - ._____:_'__. per{ellion; .wecann?t g? htgher: Innocency was Paradifu, purity 15 HeaveT}I· Of this confciencePaul fpeaks, 2 Cor. l· J2. ONr rejoycin~ is lh;s, the TeJfimony of our confcience, that inJjmplic~iy andgodly fincerity , not with fofbly wifdQJlZt', bt~l by the grace ofGod, webave /· ·badourco?tlvetfation in the world, &c. In which words foure things are very rem$fkable: · 1. What is the betl temper and comple~ion of ( confcience. 2; What thecleareft mark!s and befi proofu to evidence it. 3• What is the _worit difiafe, and moil defirutl::ive ,nemy to it. .. . ·4. What is the fruit ane! benefit ofit. · · · 1. The temper of the be£1: confcience is the;, iTAJxpi~ gQdiy fincerity, or as the words are, .c:Ihe Jit:f ~.;,. jin\.e_r:ity of God] in all our conver.fings wjtb . · n1en. 2. Theclearefr mark!.sof this fipcerityafe , na~edand downrightfimplicil) 1 jimplicityofGtul] ~s itis called'; and thegraceofGod J . 3· The moft common, but dangerousene– my to confcience, which is ever thebane .tnd death of fincerity, isjlefb_l:y wifdome [in fin.– cerity, not inJlefh!J wijdome J themoreofthat, the le.lfeof this : Not in fiethlywifdome, but Py the gract Dj God; nothing fo.oppofite to . yodsgrace, as humane and carnall wifdom, if t~e one increafeth, the other ever decrea..: feth• . '4· But the fourth thing is thebenefit of fuch ;:1 copfrit~tion>a~d freedom~ from this di– ftemper3 ' I I ' \