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74 . 'J:'he jin_cere Conflience. Cap. .7. ftemper _, which is a~ove a!l expreffi?n. . ,It ... __ maintames the foule If.l aplight of re;oyczng, , · and in aftate ofglory, a$ it Wefe amidfl: ma– ny preff.utes, when the ou_tward man was •i!~rburdenetl, fe1Jttzzeed to deatb, and Je.ffairing t5f life, and ofall outward reliefe, verf. 8. .Wee were prelfcd out of me~fure, above fire'ngth,infomuch that we defpaired even of life; but we had the fentence ofdeath in our[elvu &c. yet there a~ in another Flace, 2 Ccr. '6. ' 10. he faith, Asfor~owirJg,yet alw~ rejoycin,.(; A1 dying, ytt beholdw~ live. Blefkd be agood God, and well fare a good confcience for it: , It makes fttch analteration, that like·thenight /JJiafi ev flarres, when all Ckiy light is offtht Heaven, ~A; x~~- thendo thefe appe~re; fo the good of this ru,, te,gh. confcienceis m~fr fee-ne in fi1ch a fad plight ; -~rir. Sa~r. when I am mofr fi11l offor:row, then moft full es11tHp1V£-~~ ofjrry;when nearefi: tq death,thcn have I mofl: JP£ re~prn· of lite ; whep having nntbing, I poffeJTe all P;i ~~J'u~_ thingi. Oh the Cordials ilncere confcienc_e :O,'duntaxai feedes theaft1itl:ed fuule with ! . r.ativum eoTheOJreek._e word .[ E'l t.lHflJifftt J tranflated fore~n, r£- Sincerity, I Cor.s .8.,and 2 Cor.I. I 2. is a very fer~tmflt h•u~n elegunt and n1oft .Ggnificant Word, .GgnifY ing rwnen n , b Jl h . d f I . 1 lo alio ad-' t at try~ ~ t at IS ma eo t ungs by t 1eSunmtflo, Uf Ji• light ; as the Eagle is faid by Ariftotleand lia, !ana Pliny, to bring her young unto the fi1ll fight ~~~ufa;fo. of the Sunne. to try whether i.he}' begenemitt fit~cera d l .·. .r: • h [c h · f.ft, qu£ non rous a? egittmate, or 1purwu~; t o et a~ fJi fermento can wuh open eye endure the light thereof~ 'corrupt4. theowneth; thofe whiChwink lhe rejeCteth• .#tmch. Oras a Chapm,~.m opcneth \Vares, to feewhat deceit_or flaw is in them. B.Andrewer.. The I I