Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

,The ftncere ~onfoie~c~. · 75 Th.eLatineword.[ Sincerus] fignifies that Cap." 7· which is without all mixture, as Mel fine Ce- _ _ ra, honey without anywax or Jrof!e, breadwith- Mar. I4·J· out leaven , wpoll undyed ; fincere milke ( J.Jto/l.w ,b ... r~. 1 Pet. 2· 2. ) wltich bath no mixture, nothingbut milke ; like ,that pre- .cious Spikenard in the Alabafter Box ~tlplw '(IJrlw.'i~, pure, ~nd naturall Nard. Jeronz. 7heophilur,Euthemiur, a~;.,~ deducunt, Ul. qu~ Jit fideliJ, german.a,Puta, minimeque ~itiata. Whichfin~erity of confcience, if you de- Notes of fire toknow it, try it by thefenotes. fincericy. I. It makes a man abhor all guile and fraud, and renounce thehiddetitbings of dif– honeJI.J, andca(t_gff the cloakeof craftinelfe, makes a man like Jacob in his time, a plaine .downrig/5~, or upright man; or likeNatbaniel, a right-bred lfraelite1 indeed, in ,\f!J9bom~as n1 guile·; fuch W4S Paul and his fellow Apo.,. fiJrs, 2 CorintbianJ 2. I 7. We ;~re not as ma– ny , that corrupt and compound the 1Ford of Godac~rding to oor hearers phancy, or. our owne ad'fantage, but as of Jincerif:J, but a1 of God, aml in the fight· ofGod, fpea~e we in Cbrifl. So 2 Cor.4.2. We walk$ntJ~ in crafti~ffe, or handle the ~ora of God dtteitfully. Where is fincerity , there is an ld~ntity ever and a {ameneffe between heart, tongue, and hand, Petweene outfide apd injde ; he feems, .he is, what he promifeth he performeth, as was faid before of Or~gen, , I I I I .'Vt Dor.uit vixit, ~Hetaught &lived,~ t•k . . . D ed h a I e. 'f!ZXtt ~Ht ocuit, amd liv &: taug t . ' I · Micaiah \