Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

66 ~e .fln.cere Confcience.~ ~-ll:. · _...;.,...;.;...;.___.,.._.,..____ ._. _.,.,___ ----- · - '-------oi...... Cap. 7. Micaiah£hewed his. fincerity, whenh~ re.. ,. .. . · · _ folved not to concur tn the AJ!!eement of the :.(--- Propbeu, to pleafe their Soveraigne Lord the King : But what t~e Lord faith unto me, ar 1heLor~ live~p, thcit wiU l.f}el~, I King.22.r4. , AndCalebhis fincerity, when he refolved not tobetrayhis tntft, and prom<?te the Agree.. ment ofthe Peaple, as did his corrupt fellow B.epre{entativeJ, who voted according to the :fickcle· mindes of their Soveraigne Lord the Ptople. But as for me, faith he, I fpake as it was in my heart, Jofh.'I4·7· And 1fully foJ.. iowed theLord, verf. 8. Sincerity abhorres equally both feare and flattery, and declines alike unneceifary oppofition and unwarran– table complyance. The·fincere mans heart, yea and path too, is like the fireet of the new Jerufalem, Rev. 21 •.2 t. The fireet of the City wa1 pure gold, as it were tranJP.zrent gla.ff~~ PNrity is the glory of. Gold : PeriJ:icui~ 'and Tranfparentneife of Glaffe; both are the glory of the fincere man, wh0 'is both Gla.{fe and 'Gold: Tranfl:11rent Glajfe; you may fee tlirough him, he is all one without and within ;' and Pure Gold, that the more you fee into him, the moreyou fee his worth., - ~·Note: • 2. Sincerity bei~g all to the light, as wa~ faid before in the ol¥ning of the word, Job. 3. 20. He th'at doth truth, eometh tfJ the fight, that hu deeds m.z1 be madP. m.znifeft , that they are Jr'fougkt in God, they are cafi in a r~ght mold, andare of the right make: Tl1erc:fore as of $inceri'!