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ihe ftncere Confcience. 77 ' jincerity ·' and as of Gad, and as in the ftght Cap. 7• sf God, are put together, 2 Co~•2.17. He that- , is filch,ownes nothingbut what will endure· the Sunne: To God he faith often, ·Examine me, 0 Lord, andprove me, try my·reintt, andm.J heart, Pfal. 26. 2. Sear~hme, 0 God, and k._.JUl:» my heart; try me, and~owmy thought!, and fee if there be any wic~d way in m:e, Pfal. Ij9& ~i3,24• Thus dare not an unfoundhe<lrt fay. So Peter,· Lord, thou k.._noweft all things, thou , ~aweftthat I love tine~ Joh.2I.I6,17: To the moft fearching Minifrery he faith, Teach me~ andI will holdmy tongue, andcaufe ,l,ll~ te un– derfland ~herein I h'ave ~red, Job 6. 24• To every difcerningmans confcience, he offers ·to approtJe himfelfe in the fight of God, 2 Cor. 4· 2. Let the rigbteous [mite me, it fhall b.t a k.i_ndnejfe ; and Jet himrep,·ove me, I {hall not t~~ .. , ~ ·it ill. Yea, he is the man who tryed by God and biJ Country;. Ye ar.e ~itneffis, and Godalfo, how bolily, -andjuftly, andunhlameab~ we have hadour co?n;er{atioPJ in the world , faid the Apofrle, I 7he]f i . 1.0~ Yea he fa~th to his mofi obferving adverfary :> L_et hi'!Z write a Bffok!. againft me; I fhall b.eable to anfwer all charge!; ·and wipe off all afp~rfions , faid ' Jobhl'tbeaffurance .9f a fincer~ confcience, ]ob 31.3r;: Wary Jacob wonld n1ake fu{e worke Qe• forehand, if.ever he fhould have his dealings called in quelliol\ that he fhould never be touch{d in his fincerity : So fball myrighteouf– nejfo anfwer for me irJ time to come 11 wh,ep it · · ·· · :· ' {ball -'· ' .. '"