Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

I • 'J'hejncere Clnfoiecf!e. Cap 7.1hallcomebeforethy face,G~n. 30: 33· And ~ _ thi. madehim fo confident whenhewas pur- , fued, andcharged with the eiunder of La.. bans Gods. Search all my flttf!~, difcernc what it thine , f}are noI ; what halt .,thou found amongall my hou!hold-flutfe? .Set it before my brethren, and th1 brethren, I askeno favour. · ()h .theboldneffe and bravenelfe offincerity r Nee Prof1riHm v.eretHr judicium de fo nee alimum, Bernard. ·Joftphs brethren were fo brougnt upby their Fad~er J acob,.to hate all fraud and falfehood, that ·knowing their own · integrity, theyoffered themfdves and their Sac:Ks.toany fearch or e:Xatnination; · Behold; fay they,fhe tmJmyr.vbich ·wa:rinourfockJ mouths Gen. 44 •9 • JJ~e brought againe ; hennhen {bou/J we fleale·fUt . of our LordJ 'houfe, fi!ver·or gold l · 3 • Note. ~· Th~ fincere titan isfmzper & ublqueidem, fiill one and the fame; . aloneor in cotnpany ;. Leavehim to bimfelfe, he~ is all one as if yo:u loo~e on : ije is as the-dttrijied honey, cleare to thebo~tome ; he is like the twelve Gates of theholyCity, Rev.2I"~z· x. each Gatewas of one piece, and that ofpe"rie, onefolid and entire richpearle)it was not;artificiallymade ap.d joynedtogether~ brit onenatutall rich pearle: Such is the fintere ma:n ; 3;!1 of a piece, nothing but one folidpearfe.. · The 1\rkewas pitchedwithinwi_ththe~m,epitch which it ·waspitched without withaU; .fuch: is the fincere man~lVithin and withoct~alike,' infide ·andoutfide all one : Yea he is ratbet . betterthenheihewes; as the Kingr daughter, , whofe