Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

'Ihejfncer~ ·~onfcience ' 79 whofe outjide might fometimes l?e fac~J£Jt-b, Cap.~ .yet was ~SIJ glorious within, and Win-wardga1.- _ _ menu of wrOMght gold. Ora~ the Templeout-·P[ 4 t. 4 s. 1 J wardly nothing but wood and ftone to be (e~ne ; inwardly all rich, and beautified, ~Tpedally theSanetum Sanllor~tm (when the Vaylewas drawne) was all Gold; The very~Ki. 6. 3~ floore aJ well as the roff[e, 1 '/PMOver,. i11id with Gold. Such a o~e ~gaine if you l~ave hiIll to himfeHe, hewill be jufi and faithfull, for be,;l a law to himfelf. When Jac,b had received the Corne fromBf!JP' , and.his mpney returned, hefent back the money whichh~might have .concealed; but where had been his confciI ence theri? and where had been his integrity? Ta~ the tntmty with JfJU againe, per.Jdventure it Gen.43.12. waJ an overfight and mifra-ke in them , when . theypartfd' with tlleir commodity, not to demand. your money ; but it would be a: groffeoverftght, and toule miftak..t inme,. to take their goods without a valuable confide- . ration ; let my righteoufmffi anfwer for mewith whomfoever l have to d-ea}e. · 4· The:fincere manmay have diversfail- 4• Note.. ings) · and be 1itbje8: to divers temptations; yet cloth he never allow himfelte in any kn<?wne evill ; therefore is he called ptrfeli in refpell: of his aime, h1tention, and purpofe of mi-nde. 2 King.2o 3· I befeech thee, a Lard, remember ·now how I have walk[d b-efou tbte in truth, ami with aperfel1 heart , andhave · done tb•t JJ?hich i1 goeJ in thy fght;, faid graci• . ous