Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The fincere Confcie1ue~ Cap•. 7• ous HezebJah: Myheart was perfect, though · · · · niy 'tPayu were not perfect: I can Jay with comfort, mydefires were perfect , though I cannot fay in trath, all mydoiugs were per– fect. The fineere man lives not after the ,:,orld, though he lives in the wortd;.he warres not 4~ ,. -ter the Jlefh, 'though he w~l4e in thejlefh,.z:.cor.- , xo. 3. But_he refifreth every knowne evill; and rejeCl:eth every knowne errour; he puri• t Jo. 3·3··fiethhimfelf aJ God is pure. · God feeth all the evill that is in ·the world , and in hell , in ,, men, and inDevils, yet is he not polluted withany, but abhorreth it all: So a goed manfeethmuchevill in others, 1and keepes himfelfepure she feeth many evill imagina– tions caft in, and evill inclinatibns ftirring– inhimfelfe, put he approvethnoneof them; lmt purgcth~imfelf (that is) he bath a fUr– ringprinciple ofgracewil work out any·fin. As a living Fountaine, if you cafr mud into it, will not r-di till it hath purged it felfe ;, oras newwine) orbeere_, that hath life and ftrength in it, when thick and troubled, yet bydegrees worketh it felte cleare, and pure. Apuddle doth not fo , but was dirty -and thick before , and .if you cafi a,ny dirt or :filth in it, there it Iyes, and- makes it worfe. Gen.42.28, Jacobs Sons had money put into all thc:ir .. 35· facks at one time, and a Cup putinto Ben– ~en. 44· 1:g ·j amini fack at another time : but they tooke , not the one or the other , and when they came to know of it ., th~y approved of ' · neither :