Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The fincere Conftience. ---------- ------------------ h~ithcr. A fincereheart is befl:knownbywhat Cap. 7' it allows or difallows : What I do, I allownot. _, _ Rom.7,16,i7· For what I wauld, that Id(} ~(Jt, _______...... but the eviI which I would not, that I drJ. You n1ay finde a :fintc:re man doing an evil, nevei' fhall youfinde him loving an evil, juftitying; or defendingany evil, this ddtroys fincerity. Sin and fincerity may frand together, but not liJve of fi n, and iincerity. 5. The fincere manholde1 011. hi1 courfe, and 5 . Natet he that bath cleane hands fhall be ffronger, and Jironger, Job. I7· 9+ Theve!Tell of goldweares brighter and brighter, by ufe to the lafi; The gilded Cup weares paler and paler;till all the ·gilding is gone. This man alters not widi weather and times, and fucceife, or any wea..o ringyou put.him to ; but like the green Bay~ Tree, keeps green all winter. Times may al– ter, he alters not. He fets his watch onely by · the Sunne, whereas an other fets his by the parHhClock, or his neighboun watch. He ~rders his converi:'ltion by Rule,11ot Example, by Rule, not Opinion ; tnen and opinions va– ry ev-eryday ; But Confciences Rule is the fame yefterday, to day, and for ever. All fldh is graffe, and all the glory of rnans wit and parts, are as the flower of the Fiel~ ; The :tnan withereth, and his opinion fadeth, but theword8fGodi ndureth for ever. The dead fifn r Pet. i•2~ ever fvvims downe the .fl:'reame, the living 2-f. can, and cloth fwim againft the. frreame; Therefore fincerity is beft feene,in timeswhen · Satan is kt loofe, inplaceswhere S>Jtan ha~h .R.t~.2·I si . 0 · his I