Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The flncere Cr;;nfcience ., Cap. ·7· hi! Throne, where there ~re few incourage.. -· ,. ments from prefent times, or perfons to per– }ifrina godlyway ; brit many difcourage– nunts. Nicodemu.r lhewed his fincerity in fti (king_clofe to a candemncd Chrift. Jo. 7· 51. J rifeph of Arimathea, his loveand fincer'ity to ]9. 1,9.3~t a crudfied Chrif1, a [urfak._en Chrift, a nak!d Chrift , frripp~by the Souldier.r of all he had. This is £ncerity; it is nothing to cry Hofanna to a tryumphing Chrift; To fay good mafter to a healing Chrift .So to love the truth, as well when it mufi liveon us, as when we can live upon it ; This i.s the loveof truth, this is the truth oflove. And this is :Bnccrity ;· But the hypocrite and unfoundper{on will fiudy the ~ PoHures and Genius of the umes, and will knowhis company ; and {o he referves, or declares himfelte, as he 1ee' occa1ion ; with the holy hecanbe hory,andwith the filthyJiltby. Such a one is likethe Amphibia 'in nature)he ·can live in divers elements.He can pronounce Jud.x 2 • 6 . bothSbibbde :h, aud Sibboleth; .h~ ea~ Jwea! Z epb. 1 • 5 • bothGod, and Malchom, an~diVIdeh1mfelte Mat.6·24 too betweene God and Mammon; and indeed is al ~ this whileno~hing e~feh_ut a Mete()r; or blaz zn;, fiarre, whtch glitter~ and blazeth while theNutritive mattfr feed2th it; thatwa- . . ; . ficd,it vanifhc th, and is fee ne no\ -t_nore. But the t rue and .fi ncere confcience is' likeyour ji:c:ed ftarre, which keepes his fiation, ·. and movnh frill Orderly, Ctantly, Regul~rly, and Vn itormly in his o ne Orbe. Whd·eas all unfoLmd men arc ike the Rack of the Clouds,