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Clouds, which is not nwved by any Interne C ap~ 7 principle,or any certa~in rule at all,but is hur- ____ 1'yedback.ward ahd forward, by the uncer..: tain conduB: ofthe windes. , It is obferved in the Revelation, thofe who were marked with R.iv.1 - ?~ Gods marke, had the feale or .matke in their .Rev.I4• forehead; tl~ofe ofAntichriftJ party had it in the forehead fometlri1e to proclaime it ; ih thdt hand fometimes to conceale it. The fincere manmuft be a cohfrant, and tertaine m~ri. . 6. Vniverfa_lity is ever a cei·taine Note of 6 Not~• flncerity. The Papi!ts make it falfely aNote • ofthe true Chul'ch : Bnt we rightly tilake it a certaine n~te ofthe true Chriftian. Zachary and Elizabeth were therefore counted righteou$ , b~fore God, and blameleffi before men, in that they walked in all the Ordinances ~f God, Luke 1.6. andHeb. 13. 18. TheApofrleafferteth the fincerity ofhis honefiyby this marke, we trupwe have~goodor homft confcience.( 1Gt:t.1-.r1v a-r;i,. · f-fJintJv) becaufewe defire inalt thinf!.J to live ho– neff!J,\;~ sv "1ri.ri1'> &t. The good man tmift likeMofet, have his two h4ndr filled with the Diut.;.tsa two f.jbler reipectii1g both God and man; God ·. in each duty of Piery, Man in each duty of honejfy, mercy, j uftice, charity. Daniel cotild A– pologize for himfelfe, that before God innocencj . W:tl found in him, and before the King no h~irt Dati.6.2:i ~ou!dbe _charged ' on him. Vniverfali~y, and · . mdtfferenty toall forts of per[ons in all pla;. ces, at all times, in ·all duties, fbewes a man · :fincere.To bep~rtiatl in the Law. Mal. 2. 9• i1 to ·torrupt the Law. To niake 'confcience of one · (} 2 duiy •I