Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The flncere Confcience. , ·Cap. 7. duty, and not of another, is to make no eo~\·'. --·- fdence oftheone 1 or tJther ; to flye on fin, and not another is rightly to fly no f1nne. To Mat.23·S· tnake our Phylal1eries broad, and our charity ~at.2~.23 narrow,foulePbarijaifme; toTythemint, and– .Jtom. 2 • 22 • 'cummin,and neglel1 mercy,judgemmt, andfaith, , isgro.lfe hypocrifie. To abhor Idols, ·and com.. mit facriledge, is the prophaneft impiety~ .· 7· Note. 7. This man carries himfelfe ever as before God, 2 Cor. 2.17. In fincerity, as ofGod, in the i]ght of God : He faith withV avid, Pfal. t6 -8. I have jt:t the Lordalway before me; and I fet my felf alway before him; His eye is ever upon me, my eye is often upon him, fo that he calls theplace: where he is, as Ha-· ,p;ar her well, Beer-ta-hai-roi, Gen. I 6.14. that is the well of him that liveth and Jeeth me ; fhe giyes the reafon, I have Jeen him that feeth me• .The tincere man writes over every room, .God1 fee.r me, Gods eye and his hand follow me, Ffal.I 39.10. ..When you catt your eye on a. well drawn Pi8:urw, which,way foever you . turn itfeems (to have his eye Hill npon you, and follow you;fo it is with a godly man,he obferves as Peter did:, theeye of Chrifl find– .ing him outin a .corner: Went nat my heart .with thee? ·faith the Lord tohim; and he to 1"fo·44·2 1• God, If I ft;ould forget tbe Cf!Venant of God,and Jijt up my hat?dl to a ftrange God, foall not GoJ · fearch thiJ out, h_e tryeth the rei1t1 an_d fe.:reti of rit n.3J..)O. tiJe heart. See faid Laban, No man fe.eth, but .God jeeth, and i1 .awituefi betwten thee and me ! Therforehe.c;alled the: plac~ ofd.te·Covenant– .makingMi2peh~ th~Lordwatcheth and ob– . fervet~