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The fincereConfcience. ferveth; thus the fin cere man carryeth an aw- Cap., 7 • ,fun~apprehenfion of God$ pre[ence with him __ . ~ itill, as that King1 Son carried an effigie6 of his father with hia1, and faith, whatever I dll I muft do it hearti!J as to the Lord, andnot to men; cot.3, 23~ .And every place to fuch a one, is either a Be:– thell, or aPmuell: He can fay, I have feen God in this place, face to face, andmy life is pre– fet-vcd, Gen. 32.30. Or dfe at lea.,fr, God is in this place though I was not aware, Gm.28.16. 8. ~ote,!he.fincereman is knov~n by thjs, g. Note~ he con;ults wzth hud:4ty more then With commo. dity, and refolves againft fin more then againfr anydanger. 'He always poftpofeth hu • n1ane danger to Divine difpleafiu·e, and un ... dervalueth all loffes to the lofs of Gods fa- 'tlour and his ownPeace. How can they beleeve who will hazard rather a caH:ing outof Heavenby God, then out of the Synagogue hJ men ? Job. I 2.42. Howdo they beleeve, who love tbe .praift of men, and feeftn/Jv the hrmour that cometh of God onely? Joh.S·4o· Howdo theybelieve in Bncerity,who love theuppermoft feats inSy- . nagogues andhigheft Offices in the State, and greetings in the Markets or -Courts (C.V 1 '1-i'' el)opa.l,) who will rife with Chrifr, it~ they may, and follow him with a Bag as Jud.sf, but are refolved not to fall with Chrift and , f6llow him with aCroft? Sincerity faith,Let Chrifi bemagnified,thoughi bevilified:Let him beo"!nijied,. though I benullified: If my fall beh1s tifing, ·what fhall Ib: lofer? G 3 Let