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f[hejincere Confcience. C:ap~ 7. Let integr#y, anduprightnefJ priferve me,Pfal. --·--- 2 5. 21. or let meperifh ; let them bayle me, ~r let me go to prifon,faith the upright rttan. ~~ "fiot~t 9· Note offincerity is, That fuch aone cannot skill of yourflefl.~!J wifdam, or worldly po– !irfY. Sincerity was never cut out for a Time1 fervi11g Politician>2 Cor~I. 12. In fi ncerity and , :fimplicityof God, not i1J jlefhly wi(dom L1ith the Apo~1e: Th~y are {o oppofi te that the one .doth fhake and ldfen the other; the more fim– pl~city,the lefs polic_y; & the more of jugling and defigns, the leis you fee of this Gncerity. In fimplicit-1te fidu ·[aid Hilary. Where the1;e is fo much of the Serpent, there is nothing of the Spirit, becauf~ none of the Doves fimplici– ty. Simplicity is the fincerity, and fincerity all the policyof a confcientious m~m. It was ne– ver a gqod world with ChriiHans, fince they :f-{.8~-~. frJrfoal( thew..zters of Siloah that rurt fftly, and ' ·ldt this old fimplicity to fl:udy depths and j1ratagems of policy: This Setpm.t bath d~vo~Ired all our rods of il:rengt~ World!J wiJ– ilom is the bane of Gra!=e, and Confcie:nce; · and Religion hath ~ever thfive~1 well fince ChriH:ians would become Students in Poli– ~£1:!· 8 ~ n ;· tick~,;_ Th.i~._P-'_otmwo.S~dftar fallen into all ·our Ponds, andSpdngs, but hath irnbittered . and corrupted all our waterJ'' turi1ing them intowo.rm-wo6d, and hath marred Profef– icrs, Profeffion,Parliamcnt,Army,Covenant, ·H.eformaticn, a_ll: Tlut we in Eze1iels bitter- ~~· 2·14· "'(. . n efs, and heat of Spirit, may take up Ber1urds lamentation., and f:ty) ''V£ gener'utio~i ' ~ ' ' . ' - · (f I • · .. mm; ~ L · ~1 ~~-