Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The Jincere Confcience. "huic ~ fermento Phari[£orum, quod tfl hyp~c;i- Cap. ?• ''fiJ, fi tarrun hypocrifis dici debet, qute)am la--- __.,. '' tere pr£ ~bundantia nonvalet, &.prtt zmpuden- . fi ,, . . S • h d. . t ,_ p Beru. uper · tza nonqu£r tt. erpzt o ze amzqua a,nJ er Cane. ' ' owme corpus Eccl~fi£, & quo latiuJ, eo dejpera ... Serm.33. ,, tius : eoqttt periculofius' qu'o irzteriuJ, &c. St. Paut wifheth a Chrifiian no more wif.,. don; th;:n may inake him honeft and lincere, R r;m. I 6. I9· I would have you wife ~mto that :which iJ good; but fimple concerning evil_: The worldly wife like beH: that readingot Arias Momanur, Prov.8. 12. Eg(l {zpientia cum aftuti.a habitavi; but the godly like rather, Ego conjcientia cum fimplicitate, I wijd8m dwell Pro. S. I 2. with prudence, and I Confcience with _(tmpli- , tity; not with worldly craftinefs, C» e.r.. K.p!- ,f-1,., '!I d'iTJ\rfJ,1 , '1~ e~i: The worlds flmplicity is Gods jincerity ; as the worlds wifdom . , ' . . l G db r 11 t!Jetv~: '}z:t. sr~~t:'tP)''" Is Wl~ 1 o ut ro y. , _ .:.. vVhen Jac9bs ionsand the Shechemites fought a:;~P~ toout-vye and over reach e.tch other inwyles l~d· · ~·- f I . h b l {L fi . At1 I# fjUl o po tcy, t ey ot 1 wut out znceruy. . ter dexteritau: that difraftegiven, they came to terms ofa.. int.enii vJ- . mity feemingly, aPe,j(mJll 1reaty there was, ~~~adqui.Jmany complements palfcd, and fair Religi- Jm_e~ a· • · ~ ger~t-~u.m ens pretences were hel~ torth. Jac?bJ fons <tmfipd!is, pretended much to confcu:nce, they nught not: vetaatori.J imtr-marry with uncircumcifed perfons; but u_r~ ut Cat· intendedrapine, mnrther reven{Te and io pof- fzdus 4 ea/• r. rr: · ' b ' lendo d r 1~ued themfelves of their litou(es and eftates. onws' quo,_ TheShei:hemites again held them as fair wid1 t .fdolfs:~l~ pr:tences of love, defire to incorporate and teat.Mr•• umte, :and to turn to their Religion,_but in- Leigh. G 4 tended