Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

~8 7. he Jittcere Confciencr:•. ~ap. 7. tended or1ly the enri~hing, . and advantaging :== , - ~ ~hemfelves. Here was craft and policy on both fides, fincerity on nei~her, it profpered accordingly : The Shechemitu ( which wa~ the {l:ame aud mifchief of it) were over"!' wittedby the fons o"f Jacob and were pu~ to the fword while they wer/ fore ; . they ga– ping after others ftates loft their own fidt,' ~nd their lives withall: ]4cobs fohs carrying hom~ the plunder, meet at home whh the!r Fathers curfe: Youhave mad~ Relig~on fti nkb {aid theflncere and plain-hearudold man; You fieF· l4·3ohavemade meweak1frained my glory , made p1 ~ t o be abhorred ; Curfed be that. wrath, it w a1 cruell; cu1:fed be ft1ch policy, it is Hellijh : Into ft1ch fecrets, let not my [o~1l come: It is a nqtable (4yitig of Bildad, Job l8•7. The coun~ fe ll vf tbe wick[_d fhalt cafl him down, or cafi hin1 out; i t caHs' him out of all, out of credit, out of truft, OHt of fiate, out of o ffi ce, out of com(ort, out of grace, and out of Hea~ · ven at lafi. l.uther was wont tq fay, There ·were th ree things that would deftroy Religi"! on, and remove theGofpel. 1. Forge~fulnefs of the benefits received by the Gofpcl. 2~ Ge– nerall fo curity which is fo much p~evailing~ 3· Worldlywifdom, Sapientia mzmdi qu.e vult fJ,l'n-'1ia redigere in ordinem, &publicam tranquilli~ tat em impii.f con.filiis mederi, which muft ~ver- . rule alL,cmd prefir pub.lickfafetybefore finc6'(ity. 0 N Lafily,wo~ldyou know your own fincerity? , + ' otf~ obferve this rule, and you cannot mifiake: ! .Wh ~t, i stheprincipleyouAB:f~om? 2. Whhat , · ' t e . . •., f !'