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The fincare Conftience. -89 the rule you AEt by ? 3· What themd you AEt Cap. _,7,. to, ;tnd aym at? The fincere .Chrifiian makes --"!~" .God his Alpha and Omtgf;l, his Beginning · and End and middle,his firft and, arid all; .faith of him, through him, and,for him are all .thing!, to him be all glory, Rom. 11.36., . . . · 1, Minde what is the Originall and pri11- Mat , 6~Io cipleyou move from. A Pharifee may pray, 2,s• .but not for devotion, but oftentation ; therefore it muit be in the corner of the flrettJ, not in a corner of che houfe; he may give a!J. alms, but not without a Trumpet blown; another doththe one in Faith out of Piety. the other out of charity; fome preachChritl purely, andftnaer?ry out of love to gain fouls to Chrifr; ' fame czlfo preach out of envJ ~Znd flrifo, 'hil.I.JS to make a Jfir in the Church, andgain ap- 1 6· .plaufe and get hearers to themfelves, and 110 pull on more afjlil1ion to Pauls band1, that is to • create more contempt to the Miniftery under ftllndent conte~pt. already. ~aul cot:!effi:d I 1 sam• 15 • have finned, but It 'Was forced~tt was fetgned : ~4• Davidcryed out I have finned, it was free,not 2 Sam.u. forced; it was true,not feigned; he was 4N:~- 13· ~epted, pardoned and loofed;, Saul w~s re- ~;:·t· 2 4t. JeCt:ed, cafr off, and bound; Satan fauh to Mat.t6o~6 Chrifr,Thou art the Son ofGod>and is rebu~d 17· . . as accurfed ; Peter faith the fame, and is com- ~nended, andproclai,med bleffed. 2. Obferve what is the rule you conftant1y walk by; The godly make the vVord and Commandmentof God their Rule. So Jo• fi.'lb) 2 King. 22.2. He di~w-hat was right in_the - fight