Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

90 'l'he Jincere _.Confcience. . ' . ~ . . Cap. 7.figbt of the Lord, walk!_d in -all the wapof Da– -=: ..,....._ vid his Father, and tuned n4Jt afide to the right ~-- band, or to the left. Come commodity or clif;. commodity,he keeps on his way; the fon may · be as foon diverted in his courfe, as he wil– linglydeviatefromhis Rule; but an unfound ·man ftill cafrs an eye on his own interefr, a-:1d therefore follows not Godfully,and the word -- txali!J, but witha-Jalvo ever and a referve. Thus it is [aidof three King I of Judah ftlc– ceeding .each other , they all did what was right in the fight oftheLerd, yet never a good ()neamong them. Jothamdid what was right in the fight of the Lord, as did"Uzz,iah hiJ f a·– t-ber, 2 Chron .27- 2. V:<Szi~h did the like, did what was right in the fight of theLordaccording toallthat Amaziahhi:r father did, 2Chr. 26 .4. And looke now what Ama:z;iab the Grand– father was; he did what wai right in the fight of the Lord , but not with a perfefi heart, 2_Chr.25 .2. · !ehudid well agreat while, but at lafr fell · off, Howbeit he too~not heed to wa'lk._in the lawof the Lordwith all, his heart , .be departed not from the fin I of J eraboam, 2 K1ng. 1 o.3 1. him[ elf went along with God while their . way lay together, but when the waypartec/,and Gods honour layone way,his imaginary ho– nour and fe~urity lay another, he then dif.– covers him(elf, and takes his leave ofGod~ and will rather forgo all ~is interefi in God and Heaven, and eternity, then hazard his in– terefl in tpe Crown. He fins, cmdmade ~lt lfraelfin. 'When