Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The inofenftve Confcience. 1 4· A fourth RultJ is laid down in the fame Cap. 8. I Chapter, 1 Cor.10.32· Give nom offince, nei.. --- ther to the Jew,nor tti the Gentile,-nor to the Church ·- ),o[God. q. d. With whom[uever you havetQ ·l do, labour tobe inoffenfive; That your Con- · ;'Verfation may pleafe whom your Profejjicn, cloth 'diJP!eafe. Call no man common or uncleane; lo[e /:no man, harden no man. Give none offence to the Je7PJ Therewas an old partition-wall up _.between theJew and the Goipell; fome hvt · - ~(pirit of ourtime wculd ha~e faid, Let them · go, theyare legall, fuperfiitious, itubborne, l hereticall, n' hopt ofthw;why ilould I regard t them ?But the Apofile wouldgive no ofttnce' ' fi to the worfr Je-w. Nor to the Gentile ] Tho:e l' feemed tobea Gu!fe fixed, po hope of thCir · ~ _comi~1gover from their dumb }~ols; The t/ Geilttles,they are Idolaqous,Protane,Dogs, 4 ~c. Why !hould I fed~ them? ·But give no . ,'off~nce to tl1e Genti~es. Nor to the ChurciJ nf !Gqd] WhoFn thou thinkeft .wife, met·:Ke, -~ itropg, able to paffeby anoffence, make not ntoo bold with them neither. 1. 'r 5. Srudy. how far tho~ a~t to go to pleafe thy !brother, which is a great dqty. The Apofile i Co!·~. 10. praye~ fqr tl1e Coli'J.ffi:ns, Tf1at they _ h mz!,ht walk$worthy of the ~ord, tn all plt!ajing, ) ClS ifno carriagewere worthyof the GofFel, l but ·of theplancidand yeelding Spirit. And .he e~hottes,Rom.I5 .2. Let every manpleafo hi4 vineighbour, for 1Jngood tocedifir.ation. And to per• t fwade tO the pqtt\:ife ofa point, tO which WC arenaturally fo oppofite, as thinking it beH4 icr:J ·'