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of thewel-fpo~nConfcience. t 1 7 . . (ummoned• . Doth our Law condemnn ar.ty Cap. 1 o manfaith ht, befor-e it heare him, .snd know what ___ l1e doth l Good Confcience cannot be iilent J 0 • 7 • 51 and fit frill without an anfwer when <J.ny caufe ofQod is in hand. Ag0od Confcience thiuks it is the heavieil: crime that can be laid Bla(phemi. to any mans charge to be filent for God. Let am 1. 1~ge:it h 1 crh . . re zgumt t em ea 1me Adulteret_, .J. 1 eije &c. or what quam c~lit · they pleafe faid Luther, [o that I may not be (p:titquod con charged with wicked iilence in the caufe of fttetur enre Gd ~u~ 0 • . l - . . Thirdly, Gqod Confcience makes many ~~r~~;:lt· : a, goodanfwer fot ones felfe, when under the · greateft cloudqfCenfttres and Sufpitions, or under the Afperfions of all Obloquiu.R o 9· I. 1fpeake the truth faith the Apofrle, and lie not, rJ?Y Confcience al{o i1 my witnejfo, This the fame Apofrle glories in in another place; JVe are as deceiver~ fay yatt, but yet True men faith 2 Cor. 6.S• .Confciepce. Asun~own fayyou, well enough 9· Icnown faithCoHfcience.Con[cience makes the befr Certificate and gives thebefrTefrimonyto -any man tllat hee can have, with which .Certificate he may confident!y traveil and paffe_the whole world over, yea at lafr with this he fhall i1ot feare to enter Heaven, con- -- 4iufted thither bya guard of Angels. · Fourthly, When any bufineife of greatefi .confequence is under confideration, Confci.. ~neeputs the befr anfwer ~nto thy m-outh, an~ will' readily refolve wbat .i? to 'be done. . I Enquire frill at Confdences mout~, and fay asPa1d toPhilemiJn,witbout thyadvicewit 1do no- , · I 3 thinl,