Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

l I 2 ofthe wel:fpo4f-n Con[cience Cap. 8. thing; conft1lt not .in fuch cafes with fl_~jiJ . - ··and blood, with fafe'ty and policy, but with · P,htl.v-19r · dd . d h r. • }!.· b . fpaci con1cience an uty, an t e an1wer Is reaa es d d · A L'b · urn rrium y, we nee not crave ume; s z enu1 a dierull!. i(l Godly and OrthodoX. Biiliop of Rome,when qufJ_detz beres conv~nted beforeConftantius an Arrian Em.. 'flelz[ne ft:o ·. perour, and charged there with fiubbornes, mam revertz r . k' . ttut aliquem rqr parta mg wuh Atbanafiur , anfwe~·ed {ocum quo · moH: freely betDre the Ernperour; at I aft when tr~ducari~ after all faire perfwafions and !harp threats, t!t~~11 1 ·.e. • he found him perfifiing in his former refo.,. CUll e, trt· 1 • h - l · h h d · · m· ·dierum uuons, e gave urn t en t re~ ayes ume ~el etiam to confider ofit, whither the.r{ to returne m_enfiumff.a· to hisBiilioprick at home;er to be banifht,or e1um ram· to fet downc what he would make choice f!em 110~ im- of: He anf~vers,OEmperdur~fend mewhither murat, qu:t~ h · . 1 h d r h · re mittasme t ou Wl t, t.. ree ·ayes or three monet s are !icet quq ve· all one to me ; Tru,tfi and reafon do not lis. Magd. changewithtime.So into banifbmenthewas ~~M· 4·C~3 ~ fent. Ifmen would in their frraites, when ~heyknqw not what to refolve ~pon' caft ~heir lot into the lap of 9onfcience, they . · fhou1d have a ~nore certain, ealie and corn.. pendioqs refolution, then by confulting with fle!h and blood, an4 reading ( fome– tirues) many difcourfes. Cathedram habet in confcientia , qui corda docet! Con– fcicnce fhould bee made Dol1or of the Chayre , It is the moit found Divini• ·· ty Reader, and oftentimes the moft f;:ttisfying CafLJifk i~ the P{orld, an_d the be.ft r~[olver of ~tt .lurdor~bts. · . ... . ' .