Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

.The tenderConfci nee. 131 a~d is not fonjible,or_offe~~ed; ~_wholema.nCap.I~. at one morfell ,~md.l$ pqt .fatts hed. Hee IS- - M Hell, faith the.Prophet, that calfnot beefilled, Prov,t. U• ·or as the daughterfJj the h,?rf-leach, ~rying un– fatiablyGive;gi've,.yet never faith, Enough; canfwaUow a wbol~ hBufe, y~a, it may bee a widowJ' houfe, yet can make a Long Praier after all ; But hath no remorfc before,nor makes . . anyRerdtution after. This ru!beth furiouf- . ly into the: B.attle, cryet h Aha at fin, as th~ Job 39•2S~ JJorfo at danger. T his Gonfcience could drink up .Jordan> is 4S impenetrable .as L eviat:h11n, which efi:eem~th i'fon M ftraw, brafl a.f rotten .wood, wheQ. .fbarp ftoneJ '!re ur;der him, he plaie.r _upon them. lie, laugheJ_ . at the Jbdkj,ng of the .JPeare, IJiJ heart it a1 the nether_ milftone, Job 41. Per totum. This hath J11ade a Govemmt with Death, aqd agreeo.1ent with H~ll ; He regardsne~ther one na.r: other,nor feareth -cither . God or ~un ; But eater the bread .of · .rfic~dneji, a.nddri rk,: the.~jm,_ofvinlence, ~hofe jleep i1 lcji;tJigbt., .w~e~ ke f?atb domno mi{- chiefin the,day , 'f'rov·4• 16, x:;. No fi1rer note ofone going to hefl in all .thew<;>rld, thea tl'lis temper. This~ is Sat:ans.jltfh-brand 1 or ~he mark of Cain, as there is no one furer note of the tl"t~ a~d quth .9f Grace, then tendernefs ofConfcience wherefoever it is found. · J:'ht:fe arepaft ,kzlewledge, Pfal. 14.4: Paft Jbame,Jer.8.t2. Paft fieling,Eph.4 .I9· Paft far row, Ro111.2 ). yea, Pa,ff fear, Pfal. 36· l ,. ~nd at Iaft after thefe many fteps to Hdl, K 2 · come ,, '