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Alj evil Tendernrfl. C;~P· I 2. come to bee .LMnech-lik._e , Gen. 4· 24. · .._ _ .Paft hope·in this life,Jer. 2.25. And pafl: Recovery, or paft [alvation in the next. To prevent this, labour after tenderneft of ·Confcience,which is·that, that .cloth make and keepe, ~ndmanifefi a good Chriftian. · · ~"Culpable,foulty, and A two-fold B~It here I mufr dHHndifeafed. tenderneE. gLiifh oftendermfs; it is Laudable nece!fary; two-fold; one and from foundnes. · . There is a tendernef; of body fometimes, ., which proceeds from Sorenefi, fickl)efs, infir– mity. As there is a lively fenl6blenefs pro– ceeding from health, and a right conftitu– tion; So there is a faulty and viciouJ tender. A r. 1 . nejJ, andimbecillityoffpirit, which is five.. ttn~~r~~fs ·fold. There are five tender Confciences thus, ofConfci- and never an one of them good. c:nce. I • . Wl1en one is fo tender, that he cannot 1 • (ndure to be touched with areproofe. This is ·a tenderncfs indeed, but an un{oundand dif .. eafed tendcrnefs ; not fo tender but that hec dare adventureon ~finne, but he mufi not be told ofhis finne; The man whohath abylr:, when you tbuch him, faith; gently I pray, jt is tender, when indeed it is fore, and pu:.– trifi'd,and harbors much filth within it.This is an ill ten~ernefs.Thus onely wicked ones are Hnder>a:nd fqueamifh,propbet:)' to UJ finootb ~hings, fay they, lfa. ~o. 10. 'Give us ofyour fofcd.t Pillows, Ez. I 3. I 8. Oh how tende~ was Am~ziah, the priefl ofBethel,Amos 7. 1 o. He complainesofAmos, as a turbulent, and _ faCtious