Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

.An evil Tendehtefs•. . I 3~ fattious Pre~cher, The Lat:td i1 nat able tobear Cap.I?· a~. hisword1,hemuft be reitrained.How tender_., . ,.. were ]eremie1 accufcrs, Jer. 38. 4· We bejeec~ . . thee let thi1manbeput to death, for he weak!neth . the hands ofthe people, and heJee~th· nat the welfare ofthirpeople, but tbe hurt. Hee is ~owaies well affected to the State, but a malignant ; So.they, Att. 5· 33· & 7· 54· were. cut ·to the . heart and gna{bed at Steven with their teeih, . as ifthey ~oufdhaveeaten himup.Thus ten- M t 6 derwas the High Priefr,who rent his clt~tbt!J at at. 2 "' S Chrifts fi1ppofedblafphemy, when he fhould .. haverent hi1 heart for his ownetreafon, cruelty, and hypocrify. All this is not tenderneis, but effeminate foftnefs outwardly, and inwardly the greateft hardnefs. There may bemollitiu animi, where is maxima duritier cordi1, as in the godly there may be (umm!l duritieJorir, & vultuf, whenmaxim.: mollitudo 1cordi1, E1ek. 3· 9· Chrifisface waJ barder then flint, Ifa. 5o. 7. Ezekiels thenAdamant, when . the heart wasmofl:tenda. So e contra, wick– edmen have tender JbJ:,n, andjlejh, hardbeatt and fpirit. Their Paff10ns are (oft and touchy; Their difpofitions ·bard and urzru!J; Their love to their finne is tender, to thek Joules as crueU a1 the Oftricbu ofthe ~ildernefl,Lam.4·3. This is a corrupt foftnefs, like that in a rot– 'tenPlum, which if you touch, you breake; But it hath a hard frone in the midfr that will not breake. So have thefe a hard ftone in the heart~ when [o much outward tci!derndfe. But the right tendernefs is that which was, . K 3 ACt..