Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

Att· ~'lJil tendernefs.- Cap. I 2. Act. 2. 37. Their heart/ werepeitced~nd being _ _ •-prick.,ed in heart,th~y -cryedout,Men and brethreiJ, Jfihat fball we dqel Jhey fall not qut withPe– ter, but with themfelves. As A~ftin looked upon iJ as a marke ofgracein Aiipitu, when be had reproved his fi nne, ·'Viz. Stage playes, ~od :tlius acciperet ad (ucr.~::nfendum mihi, acce... · pit honeflu.r Adolefcemadfoccenftndumfibi, & ad me ardentiZH Jiligendum. vV~en another. wouldhave .been angrie with me, the honefl: yonth (faith he) was onely angrie with himfelt) ·and loved me the better. Right t~ndernefs is to bevery fenfible of the evil of il n, and the danger thereof; thereupon i~1patient ofthe Gn~ buteafily·patient of any Reproof; Let the righteom[mite me,Pfal.141·S• that my heart maynot ftab me another day ; and let him reprove, that my own heart may not re;roach me : you fee the found hand will tndure touching and{baking,when the fore hand nmfr not bee fo muchas touched. 2. Scrupulou{nef.r ; As when one h'ath got fome frone or gravel] in his fhooe, he canno~ fet his foot on the grousd without com... plaint ;hecries out Tender, when his foot is plainlyGalled; This is nogood tendernefs neither: Take out this Gravel, and heemay walk without any more ado. The Apofrles fUle will help him. Rom. 14· s. Let every tna1J bee fully perfuaded in hi1 own minde. His meaning .is ,not that he would h;;tveus at adyentures lay afide all Enquirie.r ; but onely ridour fdves ofunneccfiade, and un... profitable